Robin Luse


Joining Southwest Adventures in 2014, Robin’s trail from the farm fields of the Midwest to our deserts, canyons, mountains and forests has been a long and winding one. And he doesn’t regret a step of it.

Born and raised in Indiana, Robin criss-crossed the country in a successful radio career until 1999, when he walked away, moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and took his first steps as a tour guide.

He’s never looked back.

The love for a region that began during a childhood family vacation blossomed into a second career, allowing Robin to take guests to places he never tires of visiting and sharing his passion for. It’s a feeling he can’t explain—he just “connects” with things here.

And it’s become a way of life. Even in the offseason you’ll find him wandering around and exploring the region.

Today Robin is still based in Albuquerque, but his home and heart are out with the roads, trails, places and views of the West and Southwest. And he’s always ready to show it off to others who share his curiosity and sense of wonder.