lizs roseTravel writer Liz Rose participated in one of our Mighty 5 Trips out of Salt Lake City and is now publishing articles based on her experiences. Here's what she said about the trip:

Hi Guys: I have completed three out of five articles from our wonderful national parks tour. (I’m also working on a summary article for Gallup Journey that is due next week).

My editor says she will be running one per week starting with this upcoming Thursday.

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I will really appreciate your social media support as we launch this series. Retweets, postings on FB, etc would be great! If you can, let the businesses I mention know of the article…. much appreciated.
It was a total pleasure taking the tour. I’ve tried to highlight how Dennis found activities for all activity levels from the hiking adventurer to the elderly sightseer. I consider myself in the middle somewhere. The altitude surprised me. I suppose it would have been better to acclimate a few days before hitting the mountains, but I still had a wonderful time.

Vancouver, WA