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Dennis O - Mighty 5 Tour Las Vegas / May 01, 2017

Reservation Experience: Excellent
Comments: Very easy and user-friendly.

Pre-Trip Materials: Good
Comments: It would have been helpful to know that the Narrows was closed and we wouldn't be visiting it anyway because of the cold water temps at this time of the year. We bought and brought water gear for the trip.

Guide Service: Excellent
Comments: Robin was TOTALLY FANTASTIC! He was so cognizant of everyone's hiking levels and planned all our hikes accordingly. He is very knowledgeable and shared his love of the trails with us.

Trip Experience: Excellent
Comments: We totally loved this trip! (Minor items: 1) The hotel in Moab is really in SAD shape. 2) The new van is great but could use some window shades for the desert sun. That would probably help with the AC.)

Would you choose us for a future trip?: Yes

Total Score: 95.00%