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Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1 to 4 passengers :$35 round trip
  • 5 to 9 passengers: $30 round trip
  • 10 or more passengers: $25 round trip

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Questions about the Narrows Shuttle Service: Call 435-704-4161

How we operate:

Our Shuttles operate every half hours, starting at 7AM, ending at 6PM. We go to two stops, The Grotto & The Temple of Sinawava. Our shuttle pass is good for the day, so you can use our shuttle as many times as you would like with that pass. We do not allow direct transfers between The Grotto & The Temple of Sinawava, we have to take you back down the canyon before taking you up to the other stop.

How do Pick Ups work?

We have shuttles running every half hour until 6PM to pick up from The Grotto & Temple of Sinawava.

Where do we check in/get the shuttle?

We depart right outside the Zion Outfitter Store, We’re that red rock Kiosk under the shaded pavilion, all you need to check in is the name and time on the reservation, but make sure to bring your park pass for Zion National Park (an annual or senior pass works as well!).

Don’t Already Have a Zion Park Pass?

You can get the day pass, or annual pass at any of the park entrance gates. We go by one on our way up the canyon, so just let us know if you don’t have one and we can stop at the gate for you.

Hiking Information:

Narrows (Bottom up)

4-8 Hours

4-10 miles

Difficulty: Easy to Strenuous

Probably the most iconic hike in Zion National Park. The Narrows is typically a must do on everyone's bucket list. Ranging anywhere from 1 (See Riverside Walk) to 10 miles, The Narrows is a great hike for all skill ranges. The Narrows is a water hike, so if you aren’t comfortable taking what you already have, Zion Outfitter*embedded link* has some great gear!

Angels Landing

4-6 Hours

4-5 Miles

Difficulty: Strenuous

Looking for a hike with a great view of the whole canyon? Look no further. Angels landing is a fantastic hike for those looking for a tougher hike with very rewarding views. Angels Landing’s trailhead is located at the trailhead of The Grotto. Just go across the bridge and follow the West Rim Trail to Scout's Lookout, from there follow the chains to the end! Be cautious though, the last mile of Angel’s Landing is quite high, so if you don’t do well with heights, check out Scout’s Lookout.

Scout’s Lookout

4-5 Hours

4 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Looking to do Angel’s Landing but not looking forward to the chain section? Scouts Lookout is actually the same hike as Angel’s Landing, minus the chain section.

Emerald Pools (Loop)

3-4 Hours

3-5 Miles

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Being one of the easiest hikes in Zion, Emerald Pools is one of the favorites for families or those seeking out relaxed hikes.

Riverside Walk

1.5 Hours

2.2 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

Being the first mile of the Narrows, Riverside Walk is paved, handicap accessible and is a fantastic hike to do at any time of the day.

Looking for a Lee Pass or Lava Point Trailhead shuttle?

You can get one here.

Looking for Equipment Rentals?

You can get rentals for zion national park from Zion Outfitters.

For immediate shuttle assistance please call the Shuttle Hotline at 435-704-4161.