We have the following tours that start in the Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona, areas:

antelope-thumb Antelope Canyon Photographer's Tour

This tour is designed for experienced to professional photographers. Antelope Canyon is closed to the public and can only be accessed by tour. Antelope Canyon Tours are Navajo Indian Owned and is licensed by the Navajo Indian Tribe to offer tours into Upper Antelope Canyon. Total tour time is 2 1/2 hours long. There is no hiking or climbing involved, the canyon floor is level for the most part which makes for easy walking.

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antelope-thumb Antelope Canyon Sightseer's Tour

You will get to see a spectacular petrified sand dune created by wind water and sand presenting a sculptured masterpiece. It is a beautiful piece created by mother nature.

The trips to the Upper Antelope Canyon last an hour and a half. You will travel in a 4-wheel drive tour truck to the mouth of the Canyon and then will go into the canyon with your tour guide. The canyon is entered at ground-level walking within the canyon walls looking upwards of 100-130 feet to the top. It is an easy walk on a sandy Canyon floor which is level for the most part.

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