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To provide others with the opportunity to explore and experience the Southwestern US with professional knowledgeable guides and access to quality of service expected from a first class destination management company.

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  • Professional Tours and Step-On Guides
  • Transportation
  • Premade and Custom Itineraries With Activities For Small and Large Groups
  • Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Local Activities, and Entertainment


  • We only use local guides and have strategic partnerships with companies who possess first hand knowledge and experience in the areas we travel into.
  • We continually strive to find unique and interesting points of interests to provide our guests with a great experience!
  • Working and traveling throughout the Southwestern US for years, we have the knowledge to build itineraries so your experience will exceed your expectations.

Business Owner: Jason Murray

Our Guides:

Julie Burton-Ray is our operations manager.

Kevin Murphy is our Director of Tour Operations.

Shawn Horman is director of group sales.