Did you know that the Southwest was once covered by large seas? Fossilized coral, sand dollars and shells can be found all around the region painting a picture of the ocean-like landscape that existed long before our time. Green grass and vegetation colored the land when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Now only remnants of times gone by can be found, immortalized in the layers of rock and soil that the Southwest is famous for. The geology of the Southwest spans more than 2 billion years and due to the weather and terrain it is preserved and exposed throughout much of the landscape.  

What you will see:

  • Delicately formed sandstone arches
  • Tall, thin spires of rock made out of volcanic or sedimentary material, known as Hoodoos. 
  • Long, narrow deep canyons with towering walls that wind through the landscape, known as slot canyons. 
  • Remnants of the mining boom with mill buildings, tailings piles, mine shafts and tram systems for moving ore from place to place. Even the railroads that were built to move the ore still run in many locations!
  • Mother nature exposed layers of rock and sediment that paint a vivid “behind the scenes” picture of earth 
  • Dramatic volcano craters hidden in plain site along the expansive skyline
  • Whether you are looking to photograph the landscape, learn about the ancient peoples and how they used the land or simply see all the splendor that mother nature has displayed in the Southwest for us then you are in luck.