What is the science behind the spectacular landscapes seen all over the Southwest? Geology.

To understand how the landscapes of the Southwest got to be, one must learn about some of the geological provinces in the Southwest, mainly the Colorado Plateau. It is this one province that defines how most of the National Parks and other regions we visit developed into what we see today.

Zion National Park is defined by its thick Navajo Sandstone layer that eroded into vertical high red cliffs. The Grand Canyon reveals many of the geologic layers or formations that makes up the Colorado Plateau. Capitol Reef National Park preserves a giant rupture in the middle of the Colorado Plateau that reveals all types of colorful rock layers.

Many historical towns included in our tours were born out of mining activity because of the unique geology found there. Whether it be Jerome or Oatman, Arizona or Silverton, Colorado, these mining towns all exist because of the geology going on beneath the surface.

Most of our tours will include visits to these iconic places across the Colorado Plateau, as well as other regions such as the Great Basin, the Rocky Mountains, or the geothermal craziness of Yellowstone. When passing through these places, our tour guides take great pleasure in explaining the geology behind the scenery you’re seeing. It will make your tour that much more interesting and impactful.

Below is a list of our tours where you can expect to hear explanations as to the geology behind the landscapes. We can also custom tailor our tours to focus on the geology of certain areas, such as the Colorado Plateau.

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