Q: Hi Larry! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with Southwest Adventure Tours.

A: I've been with Southwest Adventure Tours for the past four years. I worked in marketing and advertising for over 40 years and part of that was with travel and tourism. When I talked to Jason it seemed like it would be a good fit that I could talk to people about the places and things that I had written about, photographed, and published about all this time and show people what I really liked about Utah and the Southwest area. I play in a band and take my guitar with me a lot of the times and have a lot of fun with the thing.

Q: What do you think sets Southwest Adventure Tours apart from other tour companies?

A: The things I've seen is that the people that they bring in to do tours, like myself, actually understand where they're going, who they're talking about, what they're talking about, and how they're showing things. I've been impressed with how they're putting the itineraries together and they allow us to have a lot of fun with the people that we tour with. Being able to take people out and actually showing them the beauty that I grew up with. One of the things about the southwest is that I've had the opportunity to travel all over the place so being able to show that to other people is really a thrill. There's nothing quite like walking out onto the edge of Bryce Canyon with people who have never been there and to see their expression when they look out and they see the hoodoos for the first time. It's absolutely spectacular.

Q: What would you say makes you special as a guide?

A:  The biggest thing that sets me apart is that I'm old and senile and that helps out an awful lot so I'm easy to make fun of and I don't hear very well, so I don't take it seriously! But honestly, I've been told that people can tell that I love what I do and it helps them to love what I do as well and so they enjoy the tour a little bit more.

Q: So which is your favorite tour destination that you go to?

A: I don't have a specific favorite tour. I find that there's so many different things to see and do when you guide and when you take people places, it's always new and it's always different. It doesn't matter if it's a Mighty 5 tour, or up to Alaska, or Yellowstone, or the Tetons, there's always something different every time. And everytime I go with a group of people they react differently to that tour so how can you ever have a favorite? I think it would be impossible to do that.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking of booking with Southwest Adventure Tours?

A: If you're going to book a tour, DO IT!

Q: Any last thoughts?

A: If you like rock n' roll, I'd be happy to go with you!