Known as Big Sky Country, Southwest Adventure Tours sees Montana as big adventure country. The skies in Montana seem so big because the state is so sparsely populated and free of tall buildings that, in some places, one can seemingly see forever.

Unparalleled in beauty and wonder that defines the West, Montana has captured the hearts of visitors since Lewis and Clark traveled up the Missouri River, and President Teddy Roosevelt visited Yellowstone National Park. Our tour offerings in Montana include Glacier National Park and, although mostly in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park that teeters on the state border.

Montana also offers a wide array of different animal species that our tours can help you find. Numerous gold and silver rushes occurred, leaving Montana riddled with old mining towns and ruins and the interesting history that goes along with them.

Whatever your interest is with the wilds of Montana, we can set you up with one of our standard tours or adapt a tour to feed those interests by visiting the destinations you want to see.

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