Salt Lake City Day Tours

Unveiling the vibrant heart of Utah, our Salt Lake City Day Tours offer a captivating glimpse into this unique destination. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history, architectural wonders, and natural landscapes, all within a comfortable day trip. Explore the Great Salt Lake's unique ecosystem and spot incredible wildlife on our Antelope Island Tour. Uncover hidden gems and historical landmarks on a Salt Lake City Walking Tour. Cruise comfortably through the city's vibrant streets on our Driving Tour. Experience the majesty of the Wasatch Mountains at the world-renowned Snowbird Resort. And for a truly awe-inspiring adventure, embark on our Compass Rose Dark Sky Excursion, where you'll witness a dazzling display of stars under the vast night sky. With a diverse range of tours to choose from, there's a perfect Salt Lake City adventure waiting for you!

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All tours are available in: English, Dutch, German, and French
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