Phil Douglass


Phil Douglass has spent much of his life exploring wild lands  and studying wildlife of the west. In 1986 he began working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and retired after 32 years of serving people and Utah's wildlife. He credits his older brother Kirk for instilling in him his love for wilderness and wildlife by taking him on backpacking trips from a young age. (Kirk also serves as a guide for Southwest Adventure Tours).

Phil's mission in his career, and indeed his passion throughout his life, is connecting people with these wild lands and wildlife. He has been referred to as "Utah's Wildlife Ambassador" and received the Wildlife Conservation Educator Award from the Utah Audubon Council. He says however, his greatest compliment came from his granddaughter as they were looking at his wildlife photos: "Pappy, I think wildlife know you and find you so you can help other people love them too!" said Kenzlie Douglass, age 7.

Phil loves sharing his insights and experiences with his family and friends (old and new) regarding wildlife habitats and how various animals have adapted to survive and thrive. He is an avid history buff and cowboy poet, so his trips often are laced with a tune on the harmonica and ballads from western history. He happily states that his experiences have proven that "Gifts from nature and music are companions for life!" Learn more about Phil, his music and his trips from his website and his blog at